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Registration Option / Forum Access

Postby admin » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:28 am


The Superior Officers Benevolent Association (S.O.B.A.) is bridging the gap between its elected officers and its membership via this Online Forum. This is a private forum open to "ALL" Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority S.O.B.A. Members. Anonymous User Names are prohibited, all members are required to log in using their first initial and last name. Non activated accounts with temporary passwords have been created for all S.O.B.A. members, if you are interested in activating your account contact Sgt. Michael Swannick - (Recording Secretary) for your user name and password. The online registration option has been disabled, If you are not a S.O.B.A. member access will be denied.

I want to make one thing clear right from the start, this is not an online RANT site, these forums will be moderated daily and any rant type topics/discussions will be deleted.

You may be asking yourself why we require the use of real names - We decided to require real names for a few reasons.

* We feel that it will foster a more respectful and cordial atmosphere.

* Seeing real names attached to support requests and/or questions allows us to verify that the request/question is legitimate.

* Requiring real names gives our forum moderators more time to participate in the forums, rather than spending time weeding out anonymous individuals who have come here looking to rant and have no desire to participate in open discussion.

* It completely eliminates the possibility of any user having more than one account.

All online Sections/Forums are hidden from view until you log in, the only exception is the Topic/Forum you are currently reading.

Thank you and welcome to the S.O.B.A. Online Forum.

Sgt. Michael Swannick
S.O.B.A. Recording Secretary
Site Admin
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